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         Sojourners 4 Truth African Cultural Exchange Program 

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 Sojourners 4 Truth African Cultural Exchange program is a bridge,
linking Africans from the Diaspora with our precious Motherland~.
Sojourners 4 Truth fosters cultural exchanges between Africans by coordinating volunteer programs in  schools, orphanages, hospitals, birthing centers, & other rural development NGOs on the continent
for a 3 week to 3 month period. 

Our programs provide opportunities for cultural submersion, second language acquisition, culinary arts and essential life skills for Africans interested in Repatriation.


SojournersTruth Cultural Exchange in Ghana


Sankofa is an Akan term from Ghana that means "go back and take up" what was lost, to bring it forward into the present for a brighter future. 

The Sojourners 4 Truth Cultural Exchange program in Ghana West Africa is known as Sankofa. The S4T Sankofa program is designed to assist Africans from the Diaspora on their personal journey of self discovery as they travel "Back" to their source to "Take up" what was lost during slavery and the middle passage voyage~our physical, cultural & linguistic connection to the motherland.


Cost of Sojourners Truth Sankofa program:

 $1000 US Dollars 


S4T Sankofa Program includes:

Ground transportation, 2 week family stay with 2 traditional Ghanaian meals per day, a volunteer position within a community organization, cultural arts workshops, sacred sites tour and language classes. (airfare not included)

Proceeds from S4T exchange programs are used to support grassroots development projects across the African continent.