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                  Preparation for Repatriation


Process of Repatriation



Process of repatriation:

Step one --> Become familiar with natural foods

Be able to identify foods that come staight outta of the earth.....like plantain, cassava, yams, staple foods in Africa....and how to cook them. Study natural remedies to detox the body. Like lemon juice and water, dandelion and neem, to keep clean the liver.  A CLEAN LIVER is crucial for survival on the continent,

Step two --> Get used to being without

Most things people in the West' consider basic necessities like sidewalks, indoor plumbing, electricity and water 24/7, stop lights, cross walks, good medical care, public transport, government accountability, good customer service, subway trains, clean drinking water, sewage systems, trash collection, hygenic conditions in the place of food distribution

Step three--> Pick a country

Know the history, the culture, the languages and ethnicity, the basis of their economy, what kind of foods they eat, study everything you can before touching down on African soil. Be prepared it is never good to travel blindly. With that being said, expect the unexpected in Africa.


Step four--> Gain mastery over your body

You must be in touch with your five basic senses, and that sixth sense so crucial for survival. In Africa we must learn to live in harmony with our environment. You have to learn to listen closely to every sound, you have to learn how to use the muscles in your body to carry water or groceries long distances. You have to pay attention to the change of seasons, changes in wind direction, to the clouds in the sky, you need tp know when it is high tide, everything pertaining to our survival in Africa depends on us being totally tuned in to whats happening around us at any given time. As they say in Nigeria ' Shine your eyes all the time. Learn to melt into the collective existence of Africa's children

Step five--> Start  to live collectively (truly step one)
Before we reach the continent, start living collectively, because we need to repatriate as families. We need teachers, nurses, midwives and doctors, carpenters, electricians, and all types of technicians to make it truly happen. United we Stand. Divided we Fall. ♥
Step six---> Wealth Creation
You must know how to handle your business and develop opportunities for yourself and others. Please!!! Don't go to Africa looking for a job, go to develop new industries. Be apart of the creative vision for our people--provide the capital to initiate development. When we are coming home we need to know how to sustain without a paycheck, a county check, a SSI check...you will have to work for it creatively, so be prepared to hustle to maintain your flow ♥


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