A Portal to the Motherland

African Cultural Retention is our mission

         Sojourners 4 Truth  


Gye Nyame 

Akan symbol for the omnipotence & immortality of 'the Almighty' in Ghana.

We at Sojourners 4 Truth believe that, like Gye Nyame,

the spirit of African people is immortal and cannot be broken.

We have passed through many tribulations as Africans;

Yet we are still standing.



Sojourners 4 Truth promotes African Cultural Retention.

S4T serves as a bridge, connecting Africans to Africa. 

Our primary aim is to reconnect Africans,

both to each other and to our precious Motherland. 

Sojourners 4 Truth is committed

to elevating the status of Africans globally, 

by instilling cultural pride and 

collective responsibility within our community.


On this site you will find ways to stay connected

to the Global African perspective.

We offer: 


 Repatriation Consultations 

 ~for individuals, families, groups & community organizations


Volunteer Opportunities

 ~in close knit communities on the African continent 


Educational Resources

 ~to facilitate African Cultural Retention